Are you this incredible person with a hands on attitude? Are you outgoing and interested in exclusive catered events? We are the number one company to provide such jobs on Curaçao. Fill out the application and we will contact you within 24 hours to make an appointment.


A catering job at Mise en Place means you can choose where you will work each week: weddings, events, conferences, concerts, corporate events, the finest hotels, galas, everything is possible. This may be by the week, day, evening or just a weekend blast at a festival. We mainly work with students, so you are always assured of great colleagues. Through our professional trainers we offer all kinds of courses to master the art of hospitality.


Our staff have their own clothing package consisting of black trousers, white shirt, bowtie and black shoes.  In addition, each employee has his or her own waitersknife, lighter, nametag and pen.


Once you are hired at Mise en Place you will start the Mise en Place Academy immediately. Here you learn the hospitality skills. Later in your career, we also offer several workshops, like leadership, wine tasting, cocktails and all kinds of other things that are useful for your career - even after you graduate!


We will try to verify if you have a criminal record. If so, we can not employ you. In case it turns out that there is a criminal record, we will stop using your services immediately and pay will be suspended.


As a crewmember you are our most important asset. We want to pay you a decent salary above minimum wage and there we differ from most agencies. The better you are, the more you earn! You start at at least 8 guilders and that can grow quickly as you become a better waiter and take on more responsibility and show how well you can pamper guests.  The best staff get a (more) permanent position at one of our clients with a higher pay.


Mise en Place has a 0 hours contract and can not guarantee you any jobs. You can work strictly on a flexible basis. If you are interested in a full time position at Mise en place or one of our clients, we will try to place you through our recruitment contract. 


Grooming standards are common in hospitality and are mandatory. We accept no visible piercings, tattoos, facial hair or other kinds of decorations. Also we expect impeccable body hygiene. Several studies from Cornell University have shown that guest satisfaction increases with the right grooming standards. Please read our rules on grooming standards here: