For the last 20 years, Mise en Place has built upon the networks of our partners and our talented students. We’ve managed to understand how to select the right students, educate and train them and connect them to the hospitality, event and foodservice industries. With over 5000 hospitality employees, in 6 countries, working for 7 specialised labels, Mise en Place has a solution to any problem you might face – any day, any time.


Banquets are our specialty next to catered events.

Our staff thrives faced with a challenge. Do you

need staff for a 6 course dinner or is it a buffet

dinner, we will get it done. 


Corporate offices, Curaçao mansions, schools,

golf clubs and -courses, event arena's, it does

not matter. We will show up where you need

us. We operate mainly in the Willemstad

area, but we have no problems coming to



Throwing a birthday bash? Bachelorette party? Work event? Whatever the occasion, do not work your own party, but hire Mise en Place to help out. Send us an email.  Our staff will be there at the requested time and helps you with all kinds of hospitality work, including cleaning and doing the dishes. 


Our well trained and courteous staff will help you

give the service your guests deserve. The attire 

can be adjusted to your own standards and we

will work together building, executing and

cleaning up your event. call us or send us

an email?


The London Olympic games, The 2006, 2010 and 2014 World Championships Soccer, concerts and a lot of EDM festivals. In numerous countries the Mise en Place Group staffed them all and we were successful at it. In South Africa we even trained and employed 8,000 staff in 10 different stadiums in 9 cities. You think you have a challenge, please try work with us and we will work with you towards the solution. Ask for a quote here.



Professional vendingtray for Catering, Sampling and Promotion


Bellytray develops mobile presentation systems for catering, sampling and promotions. Multifunctional, efficient, hygienic and ergonomic carrying systems that make an eyecatcher out of each product that is presented. Visit our website and order here.


For examples how to use the Bellytray, please visit our Bellytray photo gallery