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Payroll: we make it 100% easier on you

If you work with flexible workers (flexi-jobs, students, weekend workers, occasional workers, etc.) and/or permanent staff, paperwork is the last thing you want to be thinking about. Our payroll service will take over the payroll administration of your flexible and/or starting workers. Big advantage: you have an immediate insight into the situation: costs of workers, rights, invoices, etc.

Everything we do you no longer have to do and gives you more time to spend on your business.



A user-friendly online portal and high-performance app.

A precise payroll tool.

Dimona and contract in 2 simple clicks.

Payroll calculation and advice.

Legal relief (Silver Tie is the legal employer).

A professional planning tool for you and your workers.

No fixed costs.

Watch our video below! (Dutch)
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