How far in advance can I make a request?


Epicure is a flexible organization. We are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year and 24 hours a day for emergencies.


Why do I pay the same rate for all staff?


Epicure has chosen to apply one rate for all staff (except Team Captains) regardless of their experience. One constant average rate enables you to better calculate in advance. Epicure ensures that every team is has a minimal average quality. This means that a small team will never consist of the latest talents.


Can I expect the same people?


Epicure automatically creates a list with preferred staff for you. Depending on when you ask for your staff, we will do everything to ensure you have at least 75% returning staff. Epicure will also plan new people in order to ensure that your team of Epicures has a durable composition. 


Can I hire the staff, send by you, directly?


No, you can not hire our staff directly, since we invest a lot in our people and planning them. However you can either get a lower rate if you plan them yourselves or you can hire them directly after payment of a recruiting fee.


How can I be sure that you pay taxes on your staff?


Other than in countries like The Netherlands, you can not check it directly, but we are an international company who can not afford to make mistakes in this matter. Therefor we cordially invite you and/or your Finance Director to get in touch with our accountant for a check. We have nothing to hide (except the privacy of our staff).