Our recruitment and selection procedure:


Getting acquainted:

If we have not worked together before with your organization or with the specific department, we make an appointment to meet personally. The purpose of this meeting is to obtain a complete picture of the organization / department. In the interview, we identify the precise requirements concerning the function and the desired candidate. Ideally, this conversation with a (HR) manager of the organization and the manager of the department where the vacancy exists. Following these interviews, we are able to assess the feasibility of the procedure and write the Plan of Action.


Plan of action:

We propose a plan of action with all of the points included in the process. This plan of action will be discussed with the client.


Drafting a company and job profile:

Either we or the client makes a comprehensive company profile and job profile. Once these profiles are discussed with the client and are approved, they will be used to inform candidates.


Finding possible candidates:

We actively approach possible candidates through several recruitment tools like our own website, 

commercial job sites (only used after consultation client), advertising on social networks (LinkedIn),

proactive use of our referral action, printed ads in local newspapers, this tool we only use with low level recruiting on the ABC islands themselves. The more important and difficult the job, the more agressive we act on finding the right candidate, but always without mentioning our client during this active headhunting.


Selection Rounds:

The candidates selected by us have had an in-depth personal interview in which the resume of the candidate is reviewed extensively. It describes in detail the needs and aspirations of the candidate.

The candidate must be at the moment of his/her next career step in which personal development and growth are the main drivers. In consultation with the client, we verify the credentials of candidates.


Proposals of the selected candidates:

The candidate who best meets the (competence) profile and the culture of the client, we propose a comprehensive primary and secundary plan.  


Guidance in the procedure:

If the candidates we have proposed are invited, we will intensively supervise the subsequent procedure. A good, fast and honest feedback to and from both parties is essential to make the procedure as smoothly as possible.



We will regularly consult with both the client and candidate in order to discuss if everything goes smoothly and to ensure that all parties made the right choice. In the recruitment contract you will find our selection guarantee.

"Great vision without great people is irrelevant." - Jim Collins